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  • How to Record Internal System Audio During Captures

    This guide will show users how to record audio from an embedded video or videos from any streaming site while recording.

    Enable Stereo Mix on Your PC

    The first step is to enable Stereo Mix on your PC’s audio settings.

    1. Right-Click on the Audio Setting and choose Sounds.
    2. Go to Recording Tab. Right-Click and choose Show Disabled Devices.
    3. When Stereo Mix is visible, Right-Click and choose Enable. Next, Right-Click on Stereo Mix again and choose Properties.
    4. In Levels tab, adjust the volume of Stereo Mix to your liking.
    5. Click OK to save.


    Enable Multi-Source for Audio Settings in YuJa Software Station

    The second step is to enable multi-source for Audio Settings in the Software Capture application.

    1. Open the Software Capture application.
    2. Choose Stereo Mix for the first Mic Source, then enable Mic Source 2 and choose the other source for your built-in or external microphone.
    3. Play a video in the background, if the Mic Source bar is progressing means Stereo Mix was successfully enabled in the Software Capture application.
    4. Click Start to start recording.