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  • How to Upload and Play 360 Virtual Reality (VR) Videos

    The Platform enables Content Creators to upload and share their 360 Virtual Reality (VR) videos. This guide will provide instructions on how to upload and play a 360 VR video.

    Upload a 360 VR Video

    The first step will be uploading a 360 VR video into the Platform.

    1. Within the Platform, click on the Upload button.
    2. Select the VR Video tab and choose the video you want to upload.
    3. Click Confirm once finished to save the video.


    Play and Share a 360 VR Video

    After finish uploading, users will be able to play or share a 360 VR video with others.

    1. To play the video, click on the 360 icon and drag the video around to change the views.
    2. To share a video with other YuJa users, hover over the video and click Share, then choose the users you would like to share it with.
    3. Alternatively, you can also grab a direct link to the video by hovering over it, click More and choose the Links tab.