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  • Inserting Platform Content Within Canvas Modules Using the YuJa Media Chooser

    Canvas Modules allow instructors to package course content such as Assignments, Discussions, and interactive videos. You can utilize the YuJa Media Chooser within a Canvas Module to directly embed Platform content into Canvas Modules.


    Creating a New Module within Canvas

    The function to add a new Module in Canvas is located on the Canvas course Navigation Bar.

    1. Open the course within Canvas, and click on the Modules tool from the Navigation bar.
    2. Click on the blue + Module button on the next page, and provide a name for the Module that the students will see.


    Adding YuJa Content to your Saved Module

    Once the Canvas Module is created, instructors can then add the interactive materials which will be available to students.  Here is where instructors can leverage the YuJa Media Chooser to insert content stored in Manage Media.

    1. Open the above Module within Canvas, and click on the grey “+” icon to insert new content.
    2. Click on the Add dropdown, and select External Tool.
    3. Select YuJa Media, on the popup window that appears,
    4. After clicking on the YuJa Media button, you will see the YuJa Media Chooser window where you can find and click on the video you wish to embed into the Canvas Module.
    5. Select the desired video to embed within the YuJa Media Chooser, and click on the blue Add Item button within Canvas to confirm.
    6. Click on the Publish icon within Canvas to make the content visible to the students, when you have completed all desired selections.

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