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  • Installing Moodle Roster Sync

    The Moodle Roster Sync plugin enables synchronization of the Platform’s Roster with actively used courses within Moodle.

    Installing Moodle Roster Sync

    In order to use Moodle Roster Sync, you must install the plugin.

    • Navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Install Plugins.
    • Upload the Roster Sync zip file provided.
    • Click on Show more.
    • Select Plugin Type as Local Plugin.
    • Click Install plugin from the ZIP file.

    • Proceed with uploading the plugin and upgrading the Moodle database. Next enter the following and click save changes.
      Your YuJa Access URL: https://<your_base_url>/LMSEntry.jsp
      Your YuJa Consumer Key: <your_consumer_key>
      Your YuJa Shared Secret: <your_shared_secret>
    •  The Moodle Roster Sync Module has now been installed successfully.

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