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  • Integrating a IP / Wireless Camera with the Software Capture for PC

    Once you have installed the Software Capture for PC application, you can record and live stream directly from your IP / Wireless Cameras on campus. Please note that this guide assumes that you have already connected your Network Camera to an active network port.

    Integrating the Network Camera with the Software Capture for PC

    The first section summarizes the process of inserting your camera’s protocol and IP address into the Software Capture.

    1. Obtain the IP address of the camera. This can be done by using the cameras Streaming Assistant software to locate any available devices in the network.
    2. Once you have retrieved the IP address, right-click the YuJa tray icon on the PC and choose Settings.
    3. Within the Profile menu, select the “+” sign to add a new streaming profile.
    4. In the Local Capture Settings, select Add IP Camera under the video source settings.
    5. Fill in the applicable Network Camera information.
    6. Name: Add a nickname to the camera that will display inthe Video source list.
      Scheme/Protocol: Type in rtsp.
      IPAddress: Type in the cameras applicable IP address.
      Path: Type in axis-media/media.amp.
      Username/Password: Type in your Network Camera’s Username and Password.

    7. Select Add.

    Streaming from IP Camera using the Software Capture for PC

    Once you have finished integrating the IP Camera into the Software Capture, it will be available as a video source when streaming or recording from the Software Capture.

    1. Select Create Recording from within the Video Platform.
    2. Select Start within the Create Recording menu.
    3. In order to use your Network Camera, make sure to select it under the video source list dropdown.

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