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  • Integrating OneLogin into the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

    This guide will provide instructions on how to integrate OneLogin SSO with YuJa and allows students to login into YuJa with their OneLogin accounts.


    Adding YuJa to OneLogin as an Application

    The first step is to register YuJa in OneLogin as one of the Applications.

    1. Log into the OneLogin Admin account, then click on Administration on the top right.
    2. From the Applications menu, click on Applications and choose Add App.
    3. Next, enter YuJa in the search bar and choose YuJa from the search results.
    4. Enter a desired name for your organization YuJa app, then click Save.
    5. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform application will now show up in the Applications window.


    Creating OneLogin Certificate Thumbprint

    The next step is to generate an ADFS Signing Certificate Thumbprint for YuJa Enterprise Video application in OneLogin.

    1. From the Administration window, click on Security and choose Certificates.
    2. Click on New to create a new Certificate.
    3. Enter the following information for the Certificate then click Save.
      • Name: YuJa
      • Key Length: 2048
      • Signature: SHA1
      • Expiration: 5 Years
    4. From the following window, copy down the Fingerprint to use it in the next step.


    Integrating OneLogin into the Platform

    The last step is to integrate OneLogin into the Platform.

    1. In OneLogin, click on the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform app under the Applications window.
    2. Under the Configuration tab, enter the sub-domain <YOUR-INSTANCE> from your organization’s YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Instance URL https://<YOUR-INSTANCE>.yuja.com then Save.
    3. In the Parameters tab, add the following custom parameters and ensure to check Include in SAML assertion for each then Save.
      • Field Name: Email, Value: Email
      • Field Name: FirstName, Value: First Name
      • Field Name: LastName, Value: Last Name
      • Field Name: Role, Value: Title
    4. Next, choose the SSO tab. Under the X.509 Certificate, click on Change and select the YuJa certificate created in Section 2 above then Continue.
    5. Copy down the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URL for later use.
    6. Log into the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform with an Admin account, then go to the Admin Panel.
    7. Under the Integrations, choose SSO – ADFS (SAML) from the Select an API to Configure dropdown list.
    8. Fill in the information as follow then click Save. You can click on Test SAML Login to ensure everything is working correctly.
      • ADFS SSO URL: Obtained in Step 5.
      • Name ID Format: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
      • ADFS Signing Certificate Fingerprint: Obtained in Section 2.
      • Given Name Attribute: FirstName
      • Family Name Attribute: LastName
      • Email Attribute: Email
      • Role Attribute: Role
    9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Activate to enable SSO for your organization.
    10. From your organization’s URL, you can choose the SSO option from the Login dropdown list.