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  • Integrating the Platform as a hidden LTI Tool within Canvas

    As an organization, administrators and instructors can control whether or not the YuJa LTI appears on the Canvas navigational bar. The below XML customization should only be considered in the case that you want the YuJa LTI link “hidden” by default, giving instructors the option to make it visible at their discretion.

    Installing the LTI Tool

    The first step in installing as a hidden LTI Tool is to install the LTI Tool.

    • In Canvas, under the Admin menu, choose Managed Accounts to add the YuJa integration. Adding the tool to a Managed Account is preferred because it adds the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to all courses. This means instructors will not have to learn these setup steps. Only an Administrator can choose a Managed Account.
    • In the left pane of the course navigation, select Settings.
    • Under the Apps tab, click the + App button.
    • Under the configuration type, choose Paste XML. Then enter the following information:

         Name: YuJa
         Consumer Key: Provided by your Customer Success Manager
         Shared Secret: Provided by your Customer Success Manager

    • Use the XML by typing in the following string into a new browser window where <your-organization> is your zone prefix.https://<your-organization>.yuja.com/P/LTI/Canvas/CanvasConfig.xml

      Example: https://hudson.yuja.com/P/LTI/Canvas/CanvasConfig.xml

      Changing the XML Code to Hide the LTI Tool

      Hiding the LTI Tool requires instructors to make it visible in order to use it.

    • Copy all of the contents of the XML code and paste it to a blank Microsoft Word or text file (.TXT).
    • At the 50th line of the XML code, delete the line – <lticm:property name = “enabled”>true</lticm:property> and hit Enter on your keyboard to create a new line.

    • In the new line, paste the following string which will hide the YuJa LTI on all course navigational bars by default.<lticm:property name=”default”>disabled</lticm:property>

    • Once the above string is added, copy all of the contents and paste into Canvas along with the Consumer Key and Shared Secret referenced in Section 1 above.

    Making the YuJa LTI Available in a Canvas Course

    Once the LTI tool is submitted in Section 2 above, the LTI tool is available as a hidden Navigation bar tool within a Canvas course. To make visible, please do the following:

    • Access the Canvas course and click on the Settings button on the Navigation bar.

    • On the next page, click on Navigation from the course Settings menu.

    • From the Navigation configuration, you can “drag” the YuJa LTI tool to the courses sort order of tools. Then click Save.

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