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  • Integrating the Platform into NEO LMS

    This document provides instructions on integrating the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform into your NEO Learning Management System (LMS) via LTI. If you have any questions regarding any steps in this process, please contact your Account Manager. To perform the integration, you need a YuJa Key and Shared Secret which will be provided in your Zone Provisioning document.

    Installing the LTI Tool Provider

    The first step in the integration process is installation of the LTI Tool Provider.

    • Go to the Admin/App center and install LTI.

    • Add the associated Tool Provider. Tool Providers can be added through our main Resources area. Click Resources from the left bar, then click Add.

    • Select Tool Provider from the available options.
    • Enter the name of the Tool Provider, the description of the Tool Provider, the Privacy Level, the Launch URL, and in which library you want to put the tool provider. Your Account Manager will provide you with you unique Key, Secret and Params.

    • Click Save and you will be taken to the Overview page of the Tool Provider. To edit the Tool Provider, click Edit. To change the picture of the Tool Provider, click Change Picture and upload a picture from your computer.

    Adding Tools to a Class

    Once fully integrated, Platform tools may be added to individual classes within the LMS.

    • Go to a class and choose the lesson where you want your learning tool to be. Then go to the Resources tab of the content page from within a lesson. Click Add and select Tool.

    • Select the name of the Tool Provider from the list and you will see that some of the fields such as Name, Description and URL will be automatically filled in with the details of the Tool Provider. Select the Subject and the Library in which you want to put the Tool Provider.

    • Click Save. You will see the tool listed with the other resources.

    • Click on the link to be taken to the exact location of the tool on the Resources page.
    • Select the Show content button.

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