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  • Integrating the Platform with Azure Active Directory

    This guide will provide instructions on how to integrate Azure SSO with the Platform and allows students to login into the Platform with their Microsoft accounts.

    Adding YuJa to Azure as an Enterprise Application

    The first step is to add YuJa to Azure as one of its Enterprise Applications.

      1. Log into the Azure Admin account.
      2. From the left side menu, click on Azure Active Directory, then choose Enterprise Applications.

      1. Next, click on New Application.

      1. Choose Non-Gallery Application, then type in the desired name for YuJa.

      1. YuJa will now show up on the list of Enterprise Application within Azure.


    Configuring Azure SSO to Work with the Platform

    The next step is integrating Azure SSO into the Platform.

      1. First, we need to add at least 1 test user to the YuJa application within Azure. This can be done by clicking on the Users and Groups under Manage.

      1. Under Manage, click Single Sign-On, and choose SAML as the integration option.

      1. From the current page, click on the Pencil icon to edit Basic SAML Configuration as follows.

        • Identifier (Entity ID): https://<your-zone>.yuja.com
        • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): https://<your-zone>.yuja.com/D/SamlReceiveResponse
      1. After saving the configuration above, scroll down on the same page. Copy this information and keep them on a separate file.

        • Login URL
        • Logout URL
        • Thumbprint
      1. Next, log into your YuJa Enterprise Videos admin account and go to Admin Panel. From the left side menu, choose Integrations, then pick SSO – ADFS (SAML) from the list. Provide the required information taken from step 4 above as followed then click Save.

      1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Activate.

      1. Now, go to https://<your-zone>.yuja.com, and Azure SSO should show up as one of the login options.

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