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  • Integrating Video Quizzes with Canvas Assignments and Gradebook Sync

    The Platform enables Content Creators to link Video Quizzes with Canvas Assignments, to properly sync grade results between the two systems. In order to achieve this, a unique Canvas Assignment needs to be linked to a unique Video Quiz created within YuJa. The workflow to complete is summarized below.

    Creating the Assignment within Canvas

    The first step of the sync is to create a new assignment directly within Canvas from your course Navigation bar.

    1. Once the Assignments page is open in Canvas, click on the + Assignment button.
    2. Add an Assignment name and assign the preferred amount of points intended to be given for the Canvas Assignment.
    3. Under Submission Type, select the External Tool from the drop-down menu. Then click on the Find button.
    4. In the popup window to configure the External Tool, select YuJa.
    5. This will display the YuJa Media Chooser which includes a library containing videos to embed, and a library of videos with quiz questions attached. Select the library labeled Quizzes.

    6. Select the Video Quiz you wish to link to the Canvas Assignment. Then confirm by clicking on the blue Select button under Configure External Tool.
    7. Specify the preferred Due Date, Available from and Until. Then, select
      Save & Publish.


    Taking the Video Quiz

    Now that the Video Quiz has been embedded in the Canvas Assignment, grades will automatically sync once the student completes the Video Quiz submission. Below is the workflow for students to complete to ensure grades are properly synced.

    1. Once logged in, the student will open the Assignment the Teacher set up in Section 1 above.
    2. The student will open the Video Quiz, and submit all responses until completion.
    3. Once all responses are completed, they will click on the Submit button.

      Then click Done.

    4. After clicking on Done, the students results will be synced back to an individual column under the Canvas Grades section.
    5. Share and Enjoy !

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