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  • Integrating Video Quizzes with Moodle for Gradebook Sync

    The Platform enables Content Creators to link Video Quizzes with Moodle to sync grade results between the two systems. In order to achieve this, a Video Quiz created within YuJa needs to be linked to a Moodle Course. The workflow to complete this is summarized below.

    Creating the Video Quiz in YuJa

    The first step of the sync process is to create a Video Quiz on the YuJa Platform. You can find the steps to complete this here.

    Inserting a Video Quiz into Moodle

    1. Navigate to the desired Moodle course and select Turn editing on.
    2. Under the applicable week section, select +Add an activity or resource.
    3. From the list of resources, select the YuJa CIM plugin.
      In the External Activity, add an Activity Name, and click on the Select Content button. This will display the YuJa Media Chooser with a full summary of your quiz contents.
    4. Select the Video Quiz to insert into Moodle.
    5. Once the video is inserted, click on the Privacy menu, and check the following items:
    6. Then, expand the Grademenu, and input a Maximum Grade Total.
    7. Once the Maximum Grade is inserted, click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.

    Taking the Video Quiz

    1. As a student, navigate to the Course homepage. Select the Video Quiz desired.
    2. Complete the Video Quiz.
    3. Once complete, click
      on the blue Submit button to complete the sync between the YuJa and Moodle
      Grade Book.

    Reviewing Grade Submissions in Moodle

    1. As an instructor, log
      into the Moodle course, and select the Grades menu.
    2. The YuJa Video Quiz will have its own column in the Moodle Grade Book to represent each user’ssubmission.

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