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  • Integrating YuJa Video Quizzes with D2L Content Activities

    After you have installed the YuJa Media Chooser within D2L, Instructors can link Video Quizzes created from YuJa directly in D2L’s Content tool.

    Creating the Video Quiz in YuJa

    The first step of the sync process is to create a Video Quiz on the Platform. You can find the steps to complete this here.

    Inserting the Video Quiz into D2L

    The second step of the sync process is to insert your saved Video Quiz within D2L’s Content tool layout along with the other course materials.

    1. Once logged into D2L, navigate to your course homepage.
    2. Select the Content tab on your course navbar.
    3. On the next page, find the Existing Activities dropdown. YuJa Video Quizzes are compatible with Existing Activities such as Assignments, Announcements, and Discussions. Pick the activity that you wish to place your Video Quiz into.
    4. Once the new Activity is open add a Name.
    5. Once a Name is added, select the Insert Stuff button within the D2L content editor, and find the YuJa Media Chooser.
    6. Once the YuJa Media Chooser window is open, select the desired Video Quiz under the Quizzes column.
    7. Click on the Insert button to embed the Video Quiz and save the Activity.

    Taking the Video Quiz

    Now that the Video Quiz has been inserted into the activity, grades will automatically sync to the D2L Gradebook once the Student completes the Video Quiz submission. Below is the workflow for Students to complete the process.

    1. Once the Student is logged into the D2L course, they will open their activities by clicking on the Content tool in the course navbar.
    2. The Student will then find the activity containing the Video Quiz embedded by the Instructor.
    3. Once the Student opens the Video Quiz, they will submit all responses until completion.
    4. Once all responses are completed, they will click on the Submit button. Then click Done.

    Reviewing Grades

    Once the Student completes the Video Quiz, their results will be synced automatically to the courses Grade Center in D2L.

    1. Log into D2L as the Instructor and select the Grades tab from the course navbar.
    2. The grade associated with the Video Quiz will be posted as follows.