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  • Integration with External Captioning Services

    Integration with external captioning services enables high-quality, human-created captioning. 3Play Media, Rev Media, and AST CaptionSync offer captioning and transcription services to provide engaging and accurate captions for your lecture captures and videos. Use of each of these services requires that your institution maintain an individual account with the external captioning service.

    Enabling External Captioning

    External, human captioning services can be set up by an administrator in the Platform.

    • Go to Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Choose Integrations.
    • Select the desired external caption service from the dropdown box. The Platform supports 3Play Media, Rev Media, and AST CaptionSync.
    • Choose Turnaround Time Options. Options selected are the only ones available to Content Owners.
    • Enter your account information to establish and enable human captioning for your institution and click Save.

    Accessing External Captioning

    Once enabled, Human Captions are available through the Captioning options for the individual video.

    • Access Human Captioning by navigating to the Media Library from Upload & Manage at the top of the screen.
    • Choose the desired video and select More… from the upper right corner of the thumbnail and, from the Details page, choose Accessibility. 
    • Click on Human Caption. Choose the correct captioning service for your organization.
    • Complete the Caption Request Form.  Select the desired Turnaround time, from same day turnaround to extended turnaround. Complete needed information for the caption service of your choice.
    • Select Send Request. The status of Sent Captions may be tracked through the Admin Panel’s Accessibility tab