Introduction to the HTML5 Media Player

The HTML5 Media Player is similar for both single-stream and multi-stream recordings; however, some features are not needed for single-stream playback. The HTML5 Media Player does not require additional software downloads or plugins and adapts effectively to varied playback environments, including mobile devices.

The HTML5 Media Player is customizable to match the colors of your institution, and offers a fully searchable and user-controlled viewing environment. The HTML5 Media Player operates in much the same way for a single-stream or multi-stream video. The features that enable customization of the viewing window by stream are missing from the single-stream player.

For more information on selecting a default Media Player or choosing a player for a specific video, see Media Players.

Customizing the Colors

Color customization for the HTML5 Media Player occurs in the Admin Panel and must be performed by an administrator.

  • Navigate to Admin PanelBranding.
  • Enter the desired Hex triplet color codes for the buttons and sidebar.


Using the HTML5 Viewer

The HTML5 Media Player is accessible on a variety of devices, and offers a number of distinct advantages.


Accessing Options

Students can easily turn Captioning on and off, Toggle Thumbnails, and adjust the Settings for the HTML5 player.


Using the Sidebar

The Sidebar allows access to Search and Notes tools, as well as the Contents of the video.


Customizing the Viewer

Users may customize the HTML5 Player to select the desired stream, watch full screen, or prioritize one stream over another.