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  • Inviting Users Via Email

    Content Creators and Administrators may invite users to a course or group manually via email. Users can be invited one-by-one, or by uploading a spreadsheet to invite multiple users at once.

    Accessing Invite Users

    User invitations may be sent directly from the Courses & Groups page.

    • Navigate to Courses & Groups from the Main Menu.
    • Select the desired course from the left-side menu.
    • Choose Invite.


    Inviting Individual Users

    Content Creators may invite users one-by-one by email or by the user name within the Platform.

    • Select Invite.
    • Enter the desired email addresses. Click Enter after each email address.
    • Click the checkbox to add a custom message to the invitation email if desired.
    • Choose Send Invitations to send invitations to join the course or group.


    Inviting a Group of Users

    You may easily invite multiple users by importing contacts through a .csv spreadsheet.

    • Click Invite. Choose Import Contacts.
    • Select Choose File to locate the file for upload. A sample .csv file is available for reference if needed. Click Next.
    • Select Send Invitations to complete the invite process; you will be able to review the email addresses before completing sending invites.