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  • Linking to YouTube and Vimeo Content

    The Platform enables Content Creators to share online media content with users by linking to both YouTube and Vimeo content. You may also choose to ingest YouTube content directly into Manage Media.

    Linking YouTube or Vimeo Content

    YouTube and Vimeo content may be linked into the Platform through Manage Media.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Select Upload.
    3. Choose the Vimeo option.
    4. Add the link to the video, a title for the video and a description of the video.
    5. Select Confirm when you’ve finished adding the link, title and description to the video. Your media will be linked into Manage Media, but is not stored on the Platform.

    Ingesting YouTube Content

    YouTube content may be linked into the Platform or ingested, allowing it to be managed like other uploaded media, including editing and captioning abilities. Ingestion is allowable under copyright law for instructional purposes.

    1. Enter the desired YouTube link and description from the Upload screen.
    2. Choose Import Options if you wish to ingest media.
    3. Select whether to link or ingest media content. Click the checkbox next to This media is being downloaded for instructional purposes in compliance with uses permitted under the The TEACH ACT (Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization). to allow media ingestion.
    4. Choose Save

    The default option for YouTube content remains linking, rather than ingesting. To ingest YouTube content, rather than linking it, you will need to follow the Import Options steps shown above.

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