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  • Live Streaming on PC Software Station

    1. Both Software Capture and the Hardware Hub support HTML5 Live Streaming, enabling real-time viewing and audience engagement. After the event ends, your Live Stream is available for on-demand viewing . In this document, you will find what you need to use Software Capture for Live Streaming.

    Starting HTML5 Live Streaming

    The HTML5 Live Stream is available through Software Capture.

    • Click on Capture & Live Stream at the top of the screen.
    • Choose Software Capture to open Software Capture on your computer.
    • Select Live from the left-side menu. Choose Yes to broadcast.
    • Enter a Title and Description. 
    • Click on the Folder icon to choose the desired Save Folder.
    • Click on the Streaming symbol to select Select Media Channel.

    Using Live Streaming Features

    Live Streaming provides the ability to interact with the audience through Chat, Predefined Responses, and Emojis.

    • Click on the Chat icon to open a text-based chat with the audience.
    • Type messages in the Chat window. Chat is available to all members of the audience.
    • Choose the desired Predefined Response to interact with the audience. For more information about setting up Predefined Responses, click here.
    • Click on the Emoji button to open the Emoji options.