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  • Live Streaming on the Software Capture for PC Application

    Live Streaming allows organizations to share content with viewers in real-time, with a number of available features to support interaction during the Live Stream. These features can increase viewer engagement and allow Content Creators to answer questions during the course of a presentation.

    Starting Live Streaming

    Beginning a Live Stream requires only a few selections in the Software Capture for PC application, including choosing the desired Media Channel.

    1. Click on Create Recording at the top of the screen.
    2. Choose Record from your PC or Mac.
    3. Select Live from the left-side menu. Choose Yes to broadcast.
    4. Enter a Title and Description. 
    5. Click on the Folder icon to choose the desired Save Folder.
    6. Click on the Share symbol to select a Media Channel. You must select a Channel to Live Stream.

    Using Live Streaming Features

    Live Streaming provides the ability to interact with the audience through Chat, Predefined Responses, and Emojis.

    1. Open the Live Stream from your notifications menu to access these real-time interactive features.
    2. Click on the Chat icon to open a text-based chat with the audience.
    3. Type messages in the Chat window. Chat is available to all members of the audience.
    4. Choose the desired Predefined Response to interact with the audience.
    5. Click on the Emoji button to open the Emoji options.

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