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  • Logging into YuJa Overview

    YuJa offers safe and secure access via a username and password login. Most students and instructors will login to YuJa through their LMS or using a SSO login. This automates the registration process by providing YuJa with user information and simplifies access for students.

    Ways to Login to YuJa

    There are three different ways to login to YuJa. Not all of these are available to every user; access depends upon the preferences and choices of the institution. The three login options are:

    • Access YuJa directly through the LMS. YuJa is compatible with most learning management systems in use today.
    • Use a SSO or Single-Sign-On service, if set up by your institution.
    • Login directly to YuJa with your username and password.

    Accessing YuJa through your LMS

    Once administrators have made YuJa available and instructors have implemented it for their classes, students will find YuJa in the LMS.

    • Locate the familiar YuJa logo from the LMS.
    • Click to access YuJa.

    Logging in through the Single-Sign-On

    Students, instructors and administrators can also log in using their institution’s single-sign-on or SSO zone. If you’ve ever used a “Login with Facebook” option on a web site, this is an example of SSO. If your institutions relies upon an SSO zone, you’ll be able to sign in to YuJa using the SSO.

    Using the YuJa Login Page

    Users can login directly to YuJa with their YuJa-specific username and password to access YuJa from any PC or Apple computer. When a new account is created on YuJa, the user will automatically receive the URL for the institution’s landing page, as well as a user ID and password. Mobile devices, including both iOS and Android, should login via the YuJa Mobile App using the same user ID and password.

    • Go to your institution’s YuJa page. You will find the URL in your account creation email from YuJa.
    • Enter your user ID and password.


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