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  • Making Audio and Video Selections

    Creating a Profile for Apple is entirely voluntary, but allows you to save your selections for the Software Capture for Apple application. The same recording selection process allows you to make one-time recording selections.

    Selecting Video and Audio Sources

    The Software Capture for Apple application includes all of the settings required to create a recording.

    1. Choose the desired Video source. Select Advanced Settings to adjust the resolution and quality; the default may be quite low.
    2. Select the desired Audio source from the dropdown box.
    3. Make choices about screen capture using Screen; use the Advanced Settings if you have a dual monitor computer. You may choose one screen or the other.
    4. Click on Live to choose whether or not to live stream your recording.

    Naming your Profile

    Name your Profile to save your choices for future use.

    1. Click on Profile.
    2. Enter the desired Profile Name under Save as. Click the Save icon.

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