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  • Making Audio and Video Selections

    While you are not required to set up a recording profile, you can make and save specific recording selections in the Software Capture for PC application.

    Accessing and Making Selections

    The Software Capture for PC application enables you to make on-the-spot recording selections, or to save your selections for future use.

    1. Choose Create Recording at the top of the screen. Choose Software Capture.
    2. Click Start to open the Software Capture for PC application.
    3. Use the dropdown options on the left side of the Software Capture application to make recording selections. You may choose video and audio sources, screen recording options, and whether to live stream your recording.
    4. Enter a Profile name to save your recording settings if desired.

    While video and audio selections are relatively self-explanatory, if you are capturing your screen with a dual monitor system, use Advanced Settings to choose which monitor you wish to capture.

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