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  • Managing Existing Media

    You can manage a variety of media content in the Platform. Management tools within Manage Media allow you to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including editing, sharing, and publishing video content.

    Managing Media

    You can watch video files, manage and delete video content and publish content to different channels directly from Manage Media.

    1. Click on Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Mouse over on the desired video file. A menu will appear in the upper right corner.
    3. Choose the desired video management option from the menu. Options include Play, Share, Publish, Delete, and More…. The Media Details provide additional options for captioning, editing and downloading.

    Using Media Management Tools

    The Platform offers a number of media management tools accessible from the Settings menu on the video thumbnail or directly through Manage Media.

    • Upload allows you to ingest a video to the Platform by uploading the content directly or linking from an online site, like YouTube. The Upload link is available at the top of the Manage Media screen.
    • Play lets you watch the video you have selected.
    • Delete removes the video from your User Collection. The ability to delete files must be allowed by an Administrator.
    • More… allows access to a number of of other video management tools, described below.
    • Publish makes a video accessible to users with access to the desired folder.
    • Share shares videos with a single or multiple users.
    • Edit enables access to the Platform’s non-destructive video editing tool.

    Accessing Additional Video Management Tools

    Additional video management tools are available from the Media Details page.

    • General offers the ability to change the Title or Description or to link documents to the media content.
    • Thumbnails allows you to select a thumbnail to represent the video.
    • Links provides both direct and embed links to the video.
    • Downloads enables file downloads.
    • Comments manages video comments by users.
    • Syndication provides access to a range of syndication options, including YouTube.
    • Security allows for customization of security settings, including Password and IP/Geo Settings.
    • Accessibility provides access to captioning and transcription options.
    • Metadata enables the ability to review metadata associated with a media file.
    • Analytics provides easy access to basic video analytics for the specific media.
    • The Actions option enables you to Publish, Share, Edit, or Delete from the Media Details page.

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