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  • Managing Media Player Customization Settings

    Controls for the HTML5 Media Player may be managed through the Admin Panel’s Branding tab. Options include not only color customization, but also Button Options, Speed Options, and Caption Bar Options. In addition, the Seek Interval setting may also be customized.

    Accessing Media Player Customization

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel
    2. Select the Branding tab.
    3. Click Configure to open the various Customization menus.

    All colors are selected by entering the desired HEX code for the color into the relevant block on the Branding tab.

    Customizing Player Buttons

    Player buttons are organized into two distinct sections, the Play Bar and Current Menu Items.

    1. Click Configure below Button Options.
    2. Use the up arrow to move buttons up the Play Bar or Settings menu.
    3. Choose the down arrow to move buttons down the Play Bar or Settings menu.
    4. Select the minus sign to remove items from the Play Bar or Settings menu.
    5. Use the Additional Options section to add buttons by clicking the plus sign.
    6. Click Save to save your settings.

    Customizing Speed Options

    Administrators may allow as many or as few Speed Options as appropriate for user needs.

    1. Use plus signs to add available Speed Options.
    2. Use minus signs to remove unneeded or unwanted Speed Options from the options available within the Player.
    3. Click Save to save your settings.

    Enter a desired interval, in seconds, for the Seek Interval

    Configure Caption Bar Options

    Caption Bar Options can customize font colors, styles, and opacity.

    1. Choose Configure Caption Bar.
    2. Make selections for Font Color, Font Family, and Background Color.
    3. Use slider bars to select Font Size, Opacity, and Background Opacity
    4. Click Save to save your settings.

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