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  • Managing the EnterpriseTube

    Your EnterpriseTube provides a public face for your organization, and is an ideal way to showcase public events, share information, and provide a look at what your organization offers. It is accessible without logging into the Platform for the public, and can be accessed through Manage Media for logged in users.

    Accessing the EnterpriseTube

    The EnterpriseTube can be accessed in several different ways.

    1. Go directly to your organization’s Platform page; you’ll find this at OrgPrefix.YuJa.com.
    2. Access the EnterpriseTube from Manage Media.

    Use the EnterpriseTube to share key events and information about your organization with the public.

    Managing Video Content in the EnterpriseTube

    The EnterpriseTube contains two folders; Featured Videos and the Library. When you Publish content to your EnterpriseTube, you may publish directly to the desired folder. Featured Videos features a dynamically changing gallery of video content. You may create additional folders if desired.

    1. Navigate to the EnterpriseTube. Select Featured Videos.
    2. Choose Edit Mode at the top of the pane.
    3. Add content directly to the desired Folder in the EnterpriseTube

    Adding Content to an EnterpriseTube Folder

    Media may be added to all EnterpriseTube folders in the same way.

    1. Navigate to the desired folder in the EnterpriseTube.
    2. Select Upload to add new content from your hard drive or to link content from YouTube or Vimeo.
    3. Choose Add Resource to publish content already uploaded to the Platform to the EnterpriseTube.
    4. Add content to the EnterpriseTube by publishing directly from a My Media collection. Administrators may mouse over the desired media and choose Publish, then select the desired EnterpriseTube folder.

    Accessing the EnterpriseTube from a Mobile Device

    To access the EnterpriseTube from a mobile device, use your mobile browser. The EnterpriseTube is not accessible from the Mobile App.

    1. Navigate to the organization’s Platform page. The EnterpriseTube will be displayed without logging into the Platform.

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