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  • Marking a Question as Unresolved

    On the Platform’s Discussion Feed, questions can be marked as Resolved or Unresolved. This allows users to see which questions have been addressed and which ones remain active. This is an optional marking, accessible when questions are posted. Content Creators and Administrators may access Resolved and Unresolved status for all posts; posters may only access their own posts.

    Marking a Question Unresolved

    Marking a question Unresolved helps to draw attention to it. This will place a red U next to the question in the Discussion Feed and will tag the post as Unresolved.

    1. Open the Post form.
    2. Click the box labeled Unresolved Question. 

    Marking a Question Resolved

    The instructor or poster can select Mark Resolved to replace the red U with a green R for resolved.

    1. Click on the post to open it.
    2. Click Mark Resolved to remove the Unresolved status and place a green R by the post.The hashtag will also change from #Unresolved to #Resolved.