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  • Media Channels Overview

    The Media Channels enable instructors and administrators to organize content and make it accessible to students, staff and faculty. For students, the accessible Media Channels include:

    • The Public Channel, accessible to everyone without authenticating into YuJa.
    • The Campus Channel, accessible to logged in users. Administrators can set user permissions for this channel, so what you see may not be the same as what your teachers see or even what some other students see.
    • The Course Channels, accessible to enrolled students, instructors and administrators. As a student, you’ll see only your courses in the Course Channels, not those you’re not enrolled in.
    • The User Collection, or user-owned files.

    The Public Channel

    The Public Channel contains publicly accessible content. You can see it, but so can your parents or interested visitors. The Public Channel is arranged into Featured Content, See What’s New, and Frequently Watched. Featured Content videos are often things of particular interest.

    • Check the Public Channel for campus news coverage and events.
    • Find information to share with your parents on the Public Channel.


    The Campus Channel

    The Campus Channel contains content your college or university thinks you should see. You’ll have to be logged in to view the Campus Channel. Like the Public Channel, the Campus Channel is arranged into Featured Content, See What’s New, and Frequently Watched.

    • Look at the Campus Channel for information about on-campus activities and information.
    • Check campus department pages in the Campus Channel for more specific information about what’s going on in your department or major.


    The Course Channels

    If a class uses YuJa, it will have a YuJa Course Channel. In the Course Channel, you’ll find lecture captures and linked videos your instructor wants you to see. Course Channels are arranged into Frequently Watched and All Videos.

    • Watch course lecture captures through the Course Channel.
    • Look for exam reviews from your instructor in the Course Channel.
    • Check out additional video content shared by your instructor.


    The User Collection

    The User Collection contains media content that you have uploaded or created using student-accessible YuJa tools.