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  • Media Library Overview

    The Media Library is a media management system. Students will use many of the features of the Media Library, but not in the same way as instructors and administrators.

    Accessing the Media Library

    You can easily access the Media Library, including your User Collection, Course Channels for courses you’re enrolled in, Campus Channels you have permission to access, and the Public Channel.

    • Click on Media Library from the YuJa Main Menu.

    Using the Media Library

    The Media Library allows you to access and manage media content.

    • Find your created content and content that has been shared with you in your User Collection. You can edit, share, and publish your own content from your User Collection, depending upon permissions allowed by your institution or instructor.
    • Access Course content from the Course Channels. The Course Channel contains videos created by or shared by your instructor.
    • Visit the Campus Channel to find content shared with you from different departments on campus.
    • Use the Public Channel to see content your school has shared with everyone.

    Media Library