Media Management Overview

Media management includes a suite of tools to organize, store and manage media for your institution. This includes the ability to organize content into Media Channels, search and maintain the Media Library, share media, upload and download media, caption both uploaded and YuJa-created content, and use the Video Editor

Using Media Channels

YuJa’s Media Channels provide the tools necessary to organize content for public, campus or course viewing. The Public Channel is accessible without logging into YuJa. The Campus Channel enables institutions to provide content to designated, authenticated audiences, while Course Channels are available to course instructors, enrolled students and administrators.


Managing the Media Library

Managing the Media Library provides the tools essential to publish, move and work with media content, from moving files between User Collections to setting permissions for the Campus Channel. 


Uploading and Downloading Media Content

YuJa facilitates individual or bulk uploads of media content, including previously created video content, as well as single or multi-stream downloads of YuJa-created content. In addition, content from external sites, including YouTube and Vimeo can be linked for easy Media Library access. Finally, audio downloads in podcast form are available.


Sharing Media

Sharing media enables students, instructors and administrators to share content. Administrators may choose to share Campus Channel content with All Students, All Instructors or a designated audience. Content may be shared from a User Collection with an individual or group of individuals, either with read-only or full access privileges. Instructors and administrators may also access links to content.


Captioning Media

YuJa offers two captioning options. Auto-captioning is incorporated into both YuJa lecture captures and uploaded content. The auto-captions may be edited through the Video Editor, or manually, by downloading and uploading the caption file. In addition, for increased accuracy, external captioning services are available.

Editing Video Content

The Video Editor enables instructors or administrators to edit YuJa-created lecture captures. Editing tools include the ability to trim content, add branding, incorporate additional video content, and add text overlays. In addition, captions and text-based information may be edited through the Video Editor.