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  • Media Player Overview

    YuJa offers multiple Media Player options, to meet the demands of both single-stream and multi-stream recording. These include both a current HTML5 Media Player and a legacy Flash-based Media Player option. Administrators may choose default player types in the Admin Panel; however, this can also be selected on a video-by-video basis from the Details page.

    Selecting a Media Player

    Media player selections can be made in two different ways. Administrators may select the default player through the Admin Panel, but the Details screen enables the selection of a player for a particular video.

    • Navigate to Admin Panel-Platform from the Main Menu.
    • Choose the Default Player Type. This applies to multi-screen recordings.
    • Select the Default Single Player Type. This applies to single source recordings.
    • Choose the Player Type for an individual video by selecting the video in the Media Library.
    • Click on the Settings wheel in the upper right corner of the video thumbnail. Choose Details.
    • Select Player Type. Choose either the HTML5 Player or the Flash Player.


    The HTML5 Media Player

    The HTML5 Media Player is similar for both single-stream and multi-stream recordings; however, some features are not needed for single-stream playback. The HTML5 Media Player does not require additional software downloads or plugins and adapts effectively to varied playback environments, including mobile devices.

    The HTML5 Media Player is customizable to match the colors of your institution, and offers a fully searchable and user-controlled viewing environment. The HTML5 Media Player operates in much the same way for a single-stream or multi-stream video. The features that enable customization of the viewing window by stream are missing from the single-stream player.


    Single Stream Flash-based Player

    The Single Stream Flash-based Player provides a basic viewing experience, compatible with browsers using Adobe Flash. The Single Stream Player opens in a new window, and provides the ability to use closed captioning and add Notes to the video, as well as to turn on and off thumbnails. Content is not searchable, and there are no customization options, other than basic branding.


    The Multi-Stream Flash Based Player

    The Multi-Stream Flash Based Player provides a somewhat more full-featured Flash video experience. Users may shift the priority of the content streams, or watch a single content stream in a full-screen view. The content is searchable, through the search window in the upper right corner. Other options, including basic branding, are similar to the Single Stream Flash Player.