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  • Mobile Viewing of Media Channels

    All of the Platform’s Media Channels, including the EnterpriseTube,Shared Folders and All Channels can be viewed using a mobile device.

    Accessing the EnterpriseTube from a Mobile Device

    To access the EnterpriseTube from a mobile device, use your mobile browser. The EnterpriseTube is not accessible from the Mobile App. The instructions below enable you to access the EnterpriseTube without logging into the Platform; it can also be accessed from Manage Media through the mobile browser.

    1. Navigate to the institution’s Platform page. The EnterpriseTube will be displayed without logging into the Platform.

    Accessing the Shared Folders from a Mobile Device

    The Shared Folders are accessible through your mobile browser, rather than the Mobile App.

    1. Login to <SchoolPrefix>.yuja.com from your mobile browser.
    2. Click on the menu in the upper left corner and select Shared Folders.

    Accessing All Channels through the Mobile App

    All Channels are easily accessed through the Mobile App for iOS or Android. All Channels can also be accessed through Manage Media using your mobile browser.

    1. Open and login to the Mobile App.
    2. Choose Media Channels.
    3. Scroll to view various Channels.