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  • Organization Tab Overview

    The Organization tab provides you with an overview of the hierarchy at your organization, including Campuses, Devices and Courses. Other levels, like Departments, can be added to the hierarchy as desired. In addition, the Organization tab enables a number of management functions for Courses and Devices. You may customize the Organization tab to meet the needs of your own organization, whether academic or corporate.

    Accessing the Organization Tab

    The Organization tab is accessible by IT Managers through the Admin Panel.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Choose the Organization tab from the left-side menu.

    Organization Tab Tools

    The Organization tab offers an all-in-one overview of Devices, Campuses, Departments and other, custom-created Elements on a single page in the Admin Panel.

    The parts of the Organization tab include:

    • A hierarchical outline on the left side of the screen, with multiple expandable Elements, like Campuses and Departments.An IT Manager may create new types of Elements if appropriate and needed. Elements are included in this hierarchy and may contain Items, like Courses and Devices.
    • A list of individual Elements within the Platform, as well as Items including Courses and Devices.
    • Options to categorize and manage individual Elements and Items, including the ability to sort by Name, by Type, by Added by, and by Details.
    • The ability to Filter Elements and Items, and act upon those Elements and Items. All Elements and Items may be Unlinked, Moved or Deleted; Courses can be edited, or you may invite new members to join directly from the Admin Panel’s Organization tab.
    • Options to Edit Organization by creating new Elements, or to Add Items. Items include Courses and Devices.