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  • Overview of Media Channels

    The Media Channels enable Content Creators and Administrators to organize content and make it accessible to users. Media Channels are accessible through Manage Media at the top of the screen, and are often the default start page for users. Media Channels include:

    • My Media, accessible to the user and to Administrators.
    • All Channels, accessible to enrolled Viewers, Content Creators and Administrators.
    • The Shared Folders, accessible to logged in users. Administrators can set user permissions for this channel, so different users can see different content.
    • The EnterpriseTube, accessible to everyone without authenticating into the Platform.

    My Media

    My Media contains media content that a user has uploaded or created using the Platform’s tools. My Media is accessible to the individual user or to administrators from the Media Library.

    All Channels

    If a class or group uses the Platform, it will have a Course or Group Channel in All Channels. These Channels are for group-level sharing of media, often within an LMS. All Channels contains captures and linked videos added by the Content Creator, and in some instances, by users.

    • Watch media through the All Channels.
    • Find additional media content shared by the Content Creator.

    The Shared Folders

    The Shared Folders contain content intended for Viewers, Content Creators and Administrators. Users have to be logged in to view the Shared Folders.

    • Look at the Shared Folders for information about internal organization activities and information.
    • Check office or departmental pages in the Shared Folders for more specific information about what’s going on in a given department.

    The EnterpriseTube

    The EnterpriseTube contains publicly accessible content. It can be viewed without logging into the Platform. The EnterpriseTube is arranged into Featured Content, See What’s New, and Frequently Watched. Featured Content includes things of particular interest.

    • Check the EnterpriseTube for news coverage and events.
    • Share information with the public and community.