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  • Overview of Media Details

    Media Details provides access to a number of features to manage individual videos or media files, including Accessibility, Links, and Metadata. Media Details are available for created, uploaded or linked content, but options are limited for linked content.

    Accessing Media Details

    Media Details are available for individual videos, accessed through Manage Media.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen. Choose My Media or navigate to published media.
    2. Mouse over the desired video in My Media, then on More in the upper right corner.

    Using Media Details

    The Media Details pane provides access to a range of media management options for individual media files.

    • The General Media Details page provides access to the Title and Description, Linked Documents, Tags, Owner and Caption Status. Click Save to save any changes to your General page.
    • Thumbnails enables content owners to select the desired display thumbnail for your video. This thumbnail will show up in Manage Media, and the Media Channels, if published.
    • Links provides access to video links. Both embed and direct links are available from the Links page. Copy and paste links as needed.
    • Downloads enables content owners to download video or audio-only content, and to set download permissions.
    • Comments enables owners to allow video commenting and interaction.
    • Analytics offers a basic look at a summary of video-specific analytics for the video.
    • Quizzes provides access to Video Quiz creation, editing, and publishing options.
    • Syndication provides access to allowed Syndication options, like RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Security lets content owners adjust Security settings as desired, including password protection.
    • Accessibility manages a variety of accessibility options, including captioning options and the ability to upload audio descriptions.
    • Metadata enables Content Owners to provide Metadata information as required by the organization.
    • Actions provides access to several options, including to Publish, Replace, Share or Delete.