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  • Overview of RTMP Live Streaming

    RTMP (Real-time messaging protocol) ingestion enables you to broadcast live events to tens of thousands of viewers. Use-cases include graduation and sporting events.

    Installing Streaming Software

    In order to use RTMP, you must download and install streaming software.

    • Go to your preferred streaming software site. Choose the correct operating system and download the software.
    • Follow all installation prompts to complete the installation process.

    Accessing the RTMP Streams Page

    The next stage of the set-up process takes place in the Platform.

    • Login to the Platform using IT Manager credentials.
    • Navigate to the Admin Panel’s RTMP Streams page.
    • Review the status of each stream, listed in descending order through time. Statuses include Standby, Streaming and Inactive.
    • Click on the title associated with a streaming event to access additional information about the event, including the Server URL and Stream Key to configure streaming software, and the Watch Stream URL and Embed Codes used to view a live streaming event.

    Creating a New RTMP Stream

    In order to use RTMP streaming, you will need to create an Ingested Stream in the Platform.

    • Click on Create an Ingested Stream.
    • Insert a title for your stream. Add a description if desired.
    • Copy  and paste the Server URL and Stream Key for your streaming software. You may also access this information later by clicking on the title of your streaming event. This is the information required to configure the custom settings in your streaming software.
    • Click Confirm to complete the creation process.

    Viewing an RTMP Stream

    Viewing an RTMP stream requires that you have access to the Embed Code, to add a stream to your site, or to the direct Watch Stream URL.

    • Click on the title of the streaming event.
    • Copy and paste the Watch Stream URL into a browser window.
    • The screen will display a Waiting Room if the status is on Standby. If the status is Streaming, you will see the streaming event. When the status is Inactive, you will be told that the Live Stream has ended.

    Deleting an RTMP Stream

    RTMP streaming events may be deleted at any time.

    • Click on the title of the desired Live Stream.
    • Choose Delete. 
    • Click Delete Stream to complete the deletion.

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