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  • Admin Panel Platform Management Tab

    Several institution-level controls are available via the Platform Management tab. These control the options students and instructors see on the Platform. The Platform Management tab is accessible from the Admin Panel page.

    Setting Available Suites

    Available Suites enables the customization of the Platform to meet different organizational needs.

    1. Make selections about Available Suites. The Available Suites define which YuJa content is available to which users, based on Student or Instructor role. IT Manager roles have access to all content.
    2. Click on arrows to expand Available Suites settings and make additional selections.

    Setting the Start Page Options

    The Start Page is the page users will see when they login to the Platform.

    1. Choose the desired Start Page for IT Managers; IT Managers can opt to start on the Manage Media-Media Channels, Manage Media-My Media or the Admin Panel Devices or Overview pages.
    2. Select the default Start Page for all other users, including Content Owners and Users. Options include Manage Media-Media Channels or Manage Media-My Media.

    Choosing Email Options

    Email options are accessible through the Admin Panel’s Platform tab.

    1. Choose which emails to enable; these emails will be sent to users when needed.
    2. Click on various options under Customize Template to customize the emails sent to users.

    Setting Additional Options

    Additional Options provides access to a number of additional customization choices for organizations.

    1. Use checkboxes to enable various options, including the ability to delete content.
    2. Select the Default Security for Content using the dropdown box.
    3. Choose the Default Comment Access Level using the dropdown box.
    4. Select the Default Comment View Access Level using the dropdown box.

    Setting Organization Role Names

    Customize Organization Roles to match the language used within your organization.

    1. Enter the Role Names used in your organization for Administrator, Creator and Viewer roles.

    Designating Publish Settings

    Publish Settings enable an organizational publishing delay on captured media.

    1. Set the desired delay in number of days.

    Choosing Recycle Bin Options

    The Platform’s Recycle Bin works just like the Recycle Bin or Trash on your computer. Files are accessible and can be restored for a set period of time.

    1. Fill in the desired number of days; following that many days, content in the Recycle Bin is permanently deleted.

    Saving your Settings

    1. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save all changes.

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