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  • Polls & Quizzes Overview

    YuJa’s Polls & Quizzes offer a way to assess student learning, encourage interaction, and even measure student understanding of video content.

    Video Quizzes

    Video Quizzes allow you to select YuJa lecture captures or other videos in your User Collection in the Media Library and integrate questions directly into the video. When you opt for a Video Quiz, you can easily confirm both student participation and understanding.


    Text Quizzes 

    Text Quizzes test student knowledge. Each Quiz must have at least one question, and at least two answers per question. One or more answers may be correct. Images can be added to individual Text Quiz questions.


    The Gradebook

    The YuJa Gradebook allows you to review student scores on YuJa Quizzes. The Gradebook is automatically updated with all created YuJa Quizzes. Instructors and administrators have access to scores, results and other information in the Gradebook.