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  • Presentation Tools in the Video Conference

    Video Conferences offer a range of presentation tools for Owners, Presenters, and Limited Presenters. Access to tools is determined by Role, as set by the Owner.

    Using Audio and Video

    Individuals with Limited Presenter, Presenter, or Owner Roles may speak during the class, using a microphone and web camera feed. Users with an Attendee role do not have the ability to speak during the Conference.

    1. Check your Speaker. Use the dropdown to change the Speaker option if desired. Click Play Sound to confirm your settings work properly.
    2. Choose the desired Video feed using the dropdown Video box.
    3. Select the desired Microphone. A bar below the Microphone dropdown shows input from your selected Microphone.

    Integrating Presentation Tools

    Presentation tools are available through the Tools icon at the top of the screen. These include a Screen, Document and Whiteboard and are available to Presenter and Owner Roles.

    The Whiteboard

  • The Whiteboard provides presenters and Owners with the ability to brainstorm and share information, using Text and Freedraw tools. Whiteboards may be exported as a PDF.
  • Document Share

    • Document Share offers the ability to upload a variety of file types. Whiteboard tools are available to use on the Document Share pane, and it may be exported, with notations, as a PDF file.

    Screen Share

    • Screen Share allows Presenters and Owners to show the contents of their screens, or a window on their screens.