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  • Registering the Hub

    Once your devices are plugged into the Hardware Hub, you can now use the Admin Panel to configure the Hardware Hub.

    Registering the Hardware Hub

    Any IT Manager may register and configure the Hardware Hub within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.

    • Login to the Platform as an IT Manager.
    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Select the Devices Tab from the left-side menu.
    • Choose Register Hub.
    • Enter the Hub Name, Hub UDID. If you do not know the UDID or unique ID related to the Hardware Hub, contact YuJa Support for assistance.
    • Select the Access Level for the device. The Access Level determines who may access and make use of the device, outside of auto-scheduled sessions. IT Manager is the most common setting for the Access Level.  Scheduled sessions begin and end without having Access Level settings for the Hub.
    • Click Register Hub. The Hub will now appear in the Admin Panel’s Devices Tab.