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  • Registering the YuJa Software Station

    Registering the YuJa Software Station is a process to allow IT Managers to designate special podium stations within the organization to remotely start recordings on the behalf of a user, schedule recordings in advance on the behalf of another user, and to monitor any and all active recordings from the Admin Panel ‘s Devices tab.

    Installing the YuJa Software Station

    The first step of the registration process is to install the recorder on the local machine. This can be done manually, or simultaneously to multiple organization computers. If you wish to push the recorder to multiple stations at once, please see related article here. Below is the process for how to install the recorder manually.

    • Log into YuJa,and click on the Create Recording button from the main navigational bar.
    • Click on the Download button in the pop-up window to install Software Capture.
    • Open and Run the .msi executable to complete the installation of the recorder to the local computer.

    Completing the Registration of Software Capture

    Once the recorder is installed, there is just one more process to deem the recorder is a monitored device, so IT Managers can access it from the Admin Panel ‘s Devices tab. Please see this process below.

    • Find Software Capture on the device menu tray, and right-click on it. Choose Register.

    • Input the name of the Registered Station. This is the name that will display in the administrators Device suite, how your team will identify the Device for scheduling purposes.

    • Click on Register.
    • Return to the Platform and click on the Admin Panel’s Devices tab. The registered station should display within the suite.

    • For more information on managing the device once the registration is complete, please see the  supporting article here.