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  • Remote Scheduling for the Hardware Hub

    Automated session are for cases where you would like to schedule ahead of times and with the option of repeat with fixed schedule. Remote scheduling must be completed by an IT Manager.

    Accessing Remote Scheduling

    Remote scheduling is managed through the Admin Panel’s Devices Tab and is accessible by IT Managers. 

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu. Choose Devices.

    Creating an Remote Schedule

    Remote scheduling is one of the most effective ways to manage reliable and ongoing recording.

    • Click on the desired Device. Click the arrow next to the Device to open the Device Options menu. Click the Bookmark icon labeled Schedule a Session to open scheduling.
    • Enter a Capture Title and Capture Description. Choose the Session Owner and  options from dropdown boxes.
    • Select whether or not to Enable Live Stream and to Notify the Class.
    • Enter a Date, Start Time, and Length.
    • Choose whether to enable Repeats and select a Label Color.
    • Click on Add to Schedule to complete auto scheduling.

    Scheduling Repeating Sessions

    In many instances, remote scheduling will be used to create repeat sessions, using the basic scheduling interface described above.

    • Click on the Repeat option and choose Yes.
    • Enter the desired Repeat frequency.
    • Choose the Repeat schedule.
    • Enter an End Date or number of Occurrences.
    • Click OK.

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