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  • Overview of Remote Scheduling

    oRemote Scheduling enables institutions to schedule and start Software Capture or Appliance Capturerecordings. This simplifies the recording process. Software Capture and Appliance Capture installations must be registered to manage them through the Admin Panel’s Devices tab.

    Accessing Remote Scheduling

    Remote Scheduling is available through the Admin Panel.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    2. Choose Devices from the left-side menu.
    3. Select the desired Device. Clicking on the Device will bring up the Actions menu, including Remote Scheduling.

    Using the Device Scheduler

    The Device Scheduler is accessed through the icon that looks like a small flag. When you click the icon, you’ll see a scheduling window appear that allows automated scheduling. The scheduler includes a range of information.

    1. Click on the desired Device. Choose the Device Scheduler icon.
    2. Fill in a Capture Title and Description.
    3. Select an alternate Save Location by choosing Change if desired. Enter a Publish location if you would like to publish your recorded content immediately. You may also choose to notify the group of published content or to disable Auto Captioning.
    4. Enter a Date and Start Time. You may choose to set up repeat captures by selecting Repeat and entering necessary information. Select whether or not to Enable Live Stream.
    5. Enter usernames to send individuals copies of the Schedule.
    6. Click Add to Schedule.

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