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  • Replacing Media Content

    Content Creators may replace media content through Manage Media. This process changes the content associated with a specific Direct Link or Embed Link. This is especially effective if you have linked media content outside of the Platform.

    Accessing the Replace Function

    The Replace function can be accessed through the Media Details, and is available for both linked and uploaded media content.

    1. Navigate to the desired video in My Media.
    2. Mouse over the desired video and choose More to access Media Details.
    3. Choose Actions, then select Replace Media.
    4. Select the desired media content, using the Search box if needed.
    5. Click OK to confirm the video; you may click the checkbox to preserve the original video if desired.


    Replacing Media in the Video Editor

    In addition to replacing media through Manage Media, Content Creators may also replace media directly through the Video Editor. This makes it simple to replace a currently linked file with an edited one.

    1. Navigate to the desired media in My Media. Mouse over the thumbnail and choose Edit.
    2. Complete any edits as desired.
    3. Click Save at the top of the screen. Choose Replace Existing Video. When you select Replace Existing Video, the Direct Links and Embed Codes associated with the original file will now point to the newly edited file. Your original file will still remain intact.

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