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  • Requesting Auto-Captions

    Auto-captioning creates a word-by-word searchable transcript of your media. While the Platform offers excellent quality auto-captioning, external human captioning services are also available for increased accuracy.

    Requesting Auto-captioning

    Auto-captioning can be added to both uploaded and user-created media.

    1. Navigate to Manage Media at the top of the screen.
    2. Click on the desired video. Select More… at the upper right of the thumbnail.
    3. Choose Accessibility.
    4. Click Auto Caption to request auto-captioning; you will be notified by email when captions are complete.

    In many cases, users can also manually request auto-captioning for either captured media or uploaded content.


    Captioning During Upload

    You can request auto-captioning for uploaded content during the file upload process, if allowed by the organization.

    1. Choose Upload from Manage Media  and select the desired video or simply drag-and-drop a file onto Manage Media.
    2. Under Add Caption, select Auto-caption and choose the desired language.
    3. Complete your video upload and select Add Media.

    Check the status of auto-captioning by going to the Media Details pane. When captioning is complete and available on ingested media, the information about the video will include that under Caption Status on the General Media Details page.