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  • Roster Actions

    Administrators may control a number of different individual user account attributes directly from the Roster. Roster Actions include changing passwords, adding users to groups, editing user information, accessing user media, and deleting users.

    Opening the Actions Menu

    The Roster Actions are available for each user in the Platform.

    1. Select the desired UserID.
    2. Click on the arrow next to the UserID to open the Roster Actions menu.


    Changing User Passwords

    If needed, Administrators can change a user’s Platform password from the Roster. This does not change the LMS or SSO password.

    1. Click on the Change Password icon, represented by a key next to the desired user.
    2. Select OK to accept the informational warning telling you that LMS/SSO passwords will not be changed.
    3. Enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password spaces.
    4. Click Confirm to change the user’s password.

    Adding Users to Groups

    Administrators may manually add users to groups from the Roster.

    1. Click on Add to Group or Course, identified by the plus sign in the Roster Actions next to the user you would like to add to a Group or Course.
    2. Select a Group or Course from the dropdown box. You may review the user’s enrolled courses from the Add to Group or Course window.
    3. Click Confirm to add the user to a new Group or Course.

    Editing User Information

    User information, including name, email address, student identification number, and User Type can be edited through the edit interface on the Roster.

    1. Select the Edit User icon, shown as a pencil in the Roster Actions.
    2. Change information as desired. You can edit the first and last name, email address, student identification number, or User Type.
    3. Click Confirm to save your changes or Cancel to exit the Edit User window.

    Accessing Media Collections

    The Roster provides access to individual media collections. Administrators may access full media management options from the user’s My Media collection.

    1. Click on the folder icon to access the user’s My Media.

    Deleting Individual Users

    Administrators can delete users from the Roster to maintain an up-to-date user Roster. User Collection content can be transferred into the Administrator’s own My Media collection.

    1. Select the Delete icon, or the trash can, from the Roster Actions.
    2. Choose Yes to delete the user.
    3. Click to choose whether or not to delete the user’s media content. If desired, the media located in the user’s User Collection may be transferred to the Administrator’s own My Media folder.

    Multi-select provides the ability to delete multiple users and transfer their media content in a single action.

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