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  • Roster Management Overview

    Roster management features enable administrators to manage, update, and even upload users. You may use the Roster independently, or in conjunction with LTI-integration.

    Accessing the Roster

    The Roster is available through the Admin Panel.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    2. Select Roster from the left-side menu.


    Roster Management Features

    Roster management features are accessible directly from the Roster page and include Search Users, Create User, Upload Roster, and Download Roster. Please see the individual help pages on each of these for more information.

    1. Act as User allows an IT Manager to access individual user functions, including media management by functioning as that user.
    2. Search Users enables you to search the entire Roster for an individual user. You may search the roster by UserID, First Name, Last Name, and User Type.
    3. Create User allows manual user creation within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform; this does not create a user within the LMS.
    4. Upload Roster facilitates the upload of a .csv file, incorporating a range of user information in a single upload. A sample .csv is available.
    5. Download Roster allows you to download the entire student roster as a .csv file.


    Reading the Roster

    In order to effectively use the Roster, it may be helpful to understand the information presented in the Roster. The Roster is arranged in rows and columns. Each users’s individual information is contained in a single row. The columns are arranged as follows, beginning with UserID, then First Name and Last Name. Next, you’ll see User Type, Status, Linkage, Date Created and Last Accessed. The final column is the Lock User Type column.

    Changing User Type and Status

    Both User Type and Status can be altered directly from the Roster. 

    1. Choose the desired user, using the Search User feature if needed.
    2. Click on User Type. Select the desired User Type; options include student or user, instructor or content owner and IT Manager. Click on the checkbox to save the change.
    3. Select Status to change the active or suspended status of a given user account. Choose the desired setting and click the checkbox to save the change.
    4. Select Lock UserType if you would like to lock the User Type. This prevents the LMS from changing the role assigned to the user within the Platform.


    Using the Actions Menu

    The Roster Actions include the ability to change the password, add the user to a group, edit the user, or delete the user.

    1. Select the arrow next to the desired Username.
    2. Click on the Key icon to change the password; this changes only the user’s password within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, not the LMS. Enter the new password, confirm it, and click Save.
    3. Select the Plus sign to add the user to a Group or Course. Choose the desired Group and click Add.
    4. Click on the Pencil to edit the user’s personal information. Click Save to save any changes.
    5. Select the Folder to access the User Collection.
    6. Choose the Trash Can to delete the user’s information from the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.