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  • Saving your Video Edits

    The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Video Editor is a non-destructive editing interface. When you are ready to save your edits, the Platform provides a number of options.

    Saving your Edits

    You may save at any point during your use of the Video Editor.

    • Make any edits you desire to your media content.
    • Click the Submit Edits button; this looks like an old-fashioned computer disk.
    • Enter the desired Title; the default will be the original media name, followed by _edited.
    • Type any desired description in the Description box.
    • Make necessary selections to the Captioning and Index. You may choose to add a blank caption file and manually caption your edited file, to create a new auto-caption file for your edited content, or to copy the existing caption file and manually correct the timestamps associated with the captions.