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  • Scheduling Analytics Reports

    Analytics reports may be auto-scheduled on a regular basis and emailed to the desired user. This can be used for both downstream analysis and record-keeping.

    Scheduling Analytics Reports

    Analytics reports, including Bandwidth, Storage, Video Views, and Visitors can be automatically scheduled by Administrators.

    1. Navigate to Usage & Analytics from the Main Menu.
    2. Choose Reports from the left-side menu.
    3. Select the desired Report from the dropdown menu.
    4. Choose the desired Report Frequency. You may choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.
    5. Enter the email address or select the contact you would like to receive the Report.


    Reviewing Scheduled Reports

    You may also review Scheduled Reports from the Reports page.

    1. Navigate to the Reports page.
    2. Click on View Scheduled Reports. You can review and delete Scheduled Reports.