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  • Scheduling Devices and Recordings

    Device scheduling and management is handled from the Devices tab in the Admin Panel. Scheduling enables institutions to automate the lecture capture process.

    Accessing Device Management

    Device management is accessed through the Admin Panel page.

    • Navigate to Admin Panel from the Main Menu.
    • Click on Devices on the left side menu if needed.
    • Access Scheduling options by clicking on an individual Device. 

    Viewing the Device Calendar

    Scheduling is available through the Device Calendar.

    • Choose the desired Device in the Devices list. Clicking on the Device opens up several options.
    • Click on the Calendar icon; it’s the second icon available.
    • Select a scheduled recording session for more information, or to delete the session.

    Using the Device Scheduler

    The Device Scheduler is accessed through the icon that looks like a small flag. When you click the icon, you’ll see a scheduling window appear that allows automated scheduling. The scheduler includes a range of information.

    • Click on the desired Device. Choose the Device Scheduler icon.
    • Fill in a Session Title and Session Description.
    • Use the dropdown menus to choose the desired Group and Profile.
    • Choose the first recording date, start time and length.
    • Select the repetition interval by choosing Yes in the Repeat dropdown box. Choose how often the recording repeats, the days it repeats, when it starts and when it ends, or select a number of recordings. Choose OK, then save your scheduling.

    Viewing Status History

    The next icon allows you access to the Status Logs for the selected device, showing when the device has been connected or disconnected. You can choose to see the Status Logs for a set time period.

    • Click the desired Device. Choose Status Logs.
    • Select the desired dates to display from the dropdown box.

    Accessing the Error Log

    The next icon, a warning sign, allows you access to the Error Log for that device. If there have been errors with your device, they will appear on this screen.

    Deregistering the Device

    This allows you to deregister or unregister the device. De-registration removes the device from the Admin page. This device can still be used to record; however, you cannot automate scheduling on a de-registered device. You can, however, re-register the device.

    • Click the De-register option, noted by a broken link.
    • Select OK to complete the de-registration process. It cannot be reversed.

    Access Level Settings

    Finally, you may choose who can access the registered Device.

    • Click on the Permissions icon, represented by a set of keys.
    • Choose the desired level of access from the dropdown box.