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  • Searching the Roster

    Full-featured search capabilities enable IT Managers to quickly and easily find a particular YuJa account to manage the organization Roster.

    Accessing the Roster

    The Roster is accessed through the Admin Panel.

    • Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu. 
    • Mouse over the left-side menu to expand it and choose Roster.

    Searching Users

    The Roster offers full search capability.

    • Click Search Users at the upper right.
    • Input the desired search terms. Search by User ID, First or Last Name, or User Type. You may input multiple search parameters.
    • Select Search to complete your search.

    Narrowing Your Search

    If you’ve opted for multiple search terms, you can broaden your search with ease.

    • Complete a search with multiple parameters. You may use any combination of parameters.
    • See all Search Queries at the top of the search results screen.
    • Click the X by unwanted search queries to broaden your search. Upon doing so, you’ll see a new list of search results.