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  • Searching the Roster

    Full-featured search capabilities enable IT Managers to quickly and easily find a particular YuJa account to manage the organization Roster.

    Accessing the Roster

    The Roster is accessed through the Admin Panel.

    1. Navigate to the Admin Panel from the Main Menu. 
    2. Mouse over the left-side menu to expand it and choose Roster.

    Searching Users

    The Roster offers full search capability.

    1. Click Search Users at the upper right.
    2. Input the desired search terms. Search by User ID, First or Last Name, or User Type. You may input multiple search parameters.
    3. Select Search to complete your search.

    Narrowing Your Search

    If you’ve opted for multiple search terms, you can broaden your search with ease.

    1. Complete a search with multiple parameters. You may use any combination of parameters.
    2. See all Search Queries at the top of the search results screen.
    3. Click the X by unwanted search queries to broaden your search. Upon doing so, you’ll see a new list of search results.

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