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  • Setting up your Profile

    My Account includes a range of information used by the Platform, including your name and contact information, time zone, and Default Group.

    Accessing My Account

    Some parts of My Account may be filled in by your LMS; however, others should be filled in by the individual, including Administrators, Content Creators, and Users.

    1. Access My Account by clicking on the arrow under your username in the upper right corner of your screen.
    2. Enter your Name, Email Address and Student ID where indicated.
    3. Supply your cell Phone Number rather than a landline phone.
    4. Set the Time Zone to determine the default time for the Discussion Feed and scheduled meeting settings. This will make certain that you know when live events occur.
    5. Select the Preferred Language.
    6. Choose a Default Group if desired. The Default Group is used for the Discussion Feed; however, you may choose None and select a Group each time you post. You can always select another Group.
    7. Upload an Avatar, displayed at the upper left, to identify your posts and appear by your name during Video Conferences.